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Trails of Tribulation

George and his step pappy went on a trip through the woods and documented their great tribulation together. Days have gone by, many things have taken place and much more. Will they do another quest together? We shall soon find out!

DIY Phone Case Art

Tired of the same bland look for your phone case? Want something unique and to your liking? Then why not just create your own design using....

Yesterday's Conversation

I walk up to register to do a liquor scan for cashier at work yesterday (she's a minor) and this was one of our conversations...

PayPal Cash Winner!

I'm sure you guys are wondering who the winner is of this fabulous giveaway. Well, they have been selected and it is.... Can I get some drum rolls here? *Drum rolls* Thank you! Thank you very much! NOW!!!!!!!! The winner of this giveaway is: